A weekly Strava Challenge

strava challenge 1 tunnel ridgeNow that I’ve finished my main goal for the year(Hardrock 100, race report coming soon) I’m starting to get ready for next year. I’d like to focus on shorter and faster road and trail races for the rest of the summer and fall culminating in an attempt to lower my Marathon PR(2:53) significantly in the late fall or early winter. To do so I’ll need to add at least two-three speed or hard hill workouts each week(i’ve been doing zero per week so i’ll probably ease my way into it with just 1-2 such workouts per week to start). Using the social website Strava I’d like to invite others to join me each week for a hard hill workout.

Here’s the idea: Each week I’ll pick either an established Strava Segment to try to set a new PR on or create a new segment and then share it. A Strava “Segment” is basically a hill, using GPS Strava can tell how long it takes you to run or hike up the hill. Strava then keeps track of how fast you did the run compared to others overall and by the following categories: gender, age and weight(if you’ve put your weight on your profile). You’ll either need a GPS watch and upload your run data to the Strava Website or you can download the Strava App on your phone and the phone’s GPS tracks your run(when you use the app that is). We can do the runs separately and or we can try to get together and run as a group.

Week #3 Strave Challenge:Fragrance Lake Trail
This week’s segment is the Fragrance lake trail climb(1.3 mile and 900ft of gain) from the intersection of the interurban trail to the intersection at fragrance lake rd.

Week #2 Strava Challenge: Arboretum Road
I picked a little mellower choice for this week(not that it’s easy but compared to tunnel ridge most things are easier). It road(but almost no cars and surrounded by forested parklands and it’s steep so it’s trail-like) and gains just under 300 feet in 0.8 so it’s about 1/3 as steep as last week’s challenge.聽I ran it in 6:44. Mens CR is 5:52 and Womens CR is 10:18. Only 5 people total have run it so far so there’s probably room for new CRs and lots of the age groups are unclaimed. Let’s see what you can do!

Week #1 Strava Challenge: Tunnel Ridge Trail
On Sehome Hill, It’s only 0.3mi but it’s steep gaining more than 300 ft. I’ve ran it quite a few time but only a few times have I ran it for a really fast time. I ran it today in 4:10 but my best time is 3:56. I hope to come close to the current overall record which is 3:37 but I bet there some folks in town who can really lower this time. The segment starts at the intersection of Myrtle St. and the un-named alley between Mason and Liberty and the segment stops at the very top of the hill– to be sure you run the entire segment I’d start on the far side of Myrtle and continue running until the trail starts heading down to the big rock.

So between now and next thursday night go out and see what you can do on this hill! Let me know if you wanna run it together…

5 thoughts on “A weekly Strava Challenge

  1. Are these ‘do it yourself’ runs or are there group runs involved in these ‘challenges’? lol. Forgive me but I am just now reading about this whole ‘Strava Challenge’ thing

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