Training Week #4 Dec 31-Jan 6

Monday: Too busy. Boo.

Tuesday #1: 3.7mi — 1:24 — 984ft — trail — Course marking the Sehome Bandit 5k

Tuesday #2: 3.1mi — 0:24:33 — 750ft — trail — Racing and winning the inaugural Sehome Bandit 5k Fun Run– here’s the garmin connect link . Felt Great! I would like to run hard on this course at least once a month for speed work. Thankfully it’s literally right in our back yard!

Tuesday #3: 3.2mi — 0:58 —  820ft — trail — Sweeping the race course

Wednesday: Too busy. Boo!

Thursday: Traveling to San Fran. Again no running. Boo!


Friday: 18.0 — 6:00 — 4820ft — trail — Gathering GPS data for a new Greentrails map in the Marin Headlands just north of the city. Felt good. New shoes, Salomon Sense Mantra, felt great and did well on the mix of terrain– I slipped twice, fell once but I’m not sure it was the shoe’s fault… we’ll see.  Some killer trails!

Saturday: 20.2 — 6:30 — 5350ft — trail — Gathering GPS data for a new Greentrails map in the Marin Headlands just north of the city. Legs felt tired from yesterday but strong enough. The weather was nasty– in the 40s, heavy rain, and at times windy.  More super fun trails! The Sense Mantras did just fine so maybe it was my fault the day before.

Sunday: 10.2 — 2:32 — 2195ft — trail — Gathering GPS data for a new Greentrails map in the Marin Headlands just north of the city. Legs tired on uphills but otherwise good. It was a beautiful day for running and I ran mostly one of my favorite trails ever the Coastal Trail high above Stinson Beach in the Mt Tam State Park.

Totals: 58.4 — 17:48 — 14,919ft — pretty much all trail

Notes: Getting nearly 15,000ft of elevation gain in less than 60 miles could explain why my legs were a little tired on the uphills by the end of the week. If we were closer to Hardrock I’d be worried about the fatigue from relatively little elevation gain but my focus now and for the next 2-3 months is more speed and gaining a mileage base and being consistent not elevation gain/loss– that will come in April, May and June as I turn my focus to preparing for the specific race conditions that Hardrock will pose.  The “race” on Tuesday was great: fun, challenging and it’ll be a good course to use as a weekly/bimonthly time trial/high intensity workout.

Mapping: The work I do for Greentrails is awesome! They pay me to gather GPS data of the trails and other related stuff in areas all over the country, from Mt Rainier to Arizona to here in the Bay Area. I get paid to do what I love– run long days in the mountains. It’s slow going usually for various reasons(being tired from big mile days for many days in a row, stopping to enter notes into the GPS at all trail intersections and landmarks along the way, and sometimes un-maintained or abandoned trails) and sometimes the weather can be crappy(like yesterday) but overall I feel pretty lucky for the opportunity!  I usually average between 2-4 miles per hour and often run most of the day and get lots of elevation gain and loss so it’s great mountain 100 miler training.

Next Week: Three more days of mapping in Marin then Thursday I join Candice in Hawaii where she’ll run the HURT 100 on Jan 19. While we’re there I’m sure we’ll run some, maybe even do some more mapping but mostly I hope to relax on the beach, surf and get caught up on some Rainshadow Running work.

A few more photos from my Sunday run…




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