Training Week #3 Dec 24-30

Monday: 13.1 — 1:42 — 150ft —  road — The Lake Samish Half Marathon course(minus the out and back but I also didn’t run the tangents either so I’m guessing it’s a wash). 52 min first loop. 50 min 2nd loop. Felt pretty crappy for the first 5 miles. The rest of the time felt solid. I’d like to be in better shape and be able to run a 1:20 or better on such a flat course but for now I’m just happy to be getting in some “fast” miles compared to my trail speed.

Tuesday: day off. xmas

Wednesday: 8.3 — 1:28 — 2,140ft — trail — ran the Sehome Hill 10k course plus a ~mile to the start and ~mile back from the finish. Also on the last climb up Tunnel Ridge Trail I ran a “time trial” from the edge of the pavement up to the parking lot on top of the ridge. Time trial stats: 0.39mi — 4:29 — 325 — trail. I felt great on the entire run– I even felt good in the first couple miles which is very rare I normally need 3-5 miles to “warm-up”.

Thursday: 6.6 — 1:25 — 2,215ft — trail and dirt road — Stewart Mtn. there was snow starting at about 2,000ft continued up a few more hundred feet but turned around well below the top. I felt good running uphill once I warmed up a little after the first mile or so. With BTRC.

Friday: 7.1 — 0:59 — 466ft — Road and trail — Sehome/Fairhaven/Downtown Loop. Felt good– took it easy.

Saturday: 16.3 — 2:54 — 1,926ft — Road and trail — Urban Trail 25k (from home) A good mix of road, gravel trail and a bit of single track. I took it easy except when i pushed it up Taylor Street Hill (400ft in 0.6mi) which came at about mile 14 in the run–good ultra training. felt good the whole run and had fun.

Sunday: 4.0 — 0:45 — 300ft — Road and trail — from the house. Woke up with a very stiff and achy lower back and then when i tried to run my legs were very stiff and achy too and i was very low energy and light headed. I was going to run 15 miles but cut my run short because I didn’t feel good and I was worried I might be getting sick or over trained. Better safe than sorry.

Totals: 55.4 — 11:13 — 7,197 — mostly runnable miles, lots of road and easy trails. the road half marathon temp run to start the week and the pretty flat urban trail 25k were two really solid workouts and the sehome hill and stewart mtn runs where  i really pushed the uphills were good workouts too.

Coming up: I’ve got a back trip to California(Marin County) on Thursday to do more mapping for Greentrails and then after a week there I’ll fly to Hawaii for a couple weeks to crew and pace Candice at Hurt 100 and do some map work for Dharma Maps. So there should be plenty of running in the next few weeks which should give my weekly mileages a big boost.  I’d like to do some short races sometime soon but with m Orcas Island 25k and 50k races the two weekends after I return from Hawaii I’m not sure when I’ll gyet a chance.

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