Training Week #2 Dec 17-23

Monday: 7mi — 1:02 — 450ft — single track/gravel path, road. old reliable loop from home V.1 Easy pace but legs were a little tired.

Tuesday AM: 6mi — 1:05 — 1400ft — mostly single track. Fragrance Lake 10k course w/alternate start at Clayton Beach Trailhead with BTRC. Legs felt good.

Tuesday PM: 11.5mi — 1:30 — 300ft — road and track. Steve Grichel’s Tuesday Track Workout: 4×1600 @ 6min pace with easy 200m recoveries 3.75 mile warmup and 3.0 mile cool down. felt great(especially since it was only my 2nd track work out this year! and probably only one of 20 or so track workouts ever!) but couldn’t hold the pace for the last lap of the last mile–probably fell off by 5-10 seconds. but all the rest of the laps were super solid and right on target.

Wednesday: 4.9mi — 1:03 — 1,260ft — trail — Alger Alp 5mi course. legs felt a little tired from the runs the day before. took it easy–walked the hills.

Thursday: day off

Friday: 5.8 — 1:05 — 1,100ft — trail — Lake Padden with BTRC.  Felt good.

Saturday: 7.4 — 1:28 — 820ft — trail — Galbraith with Candice. Felt good except low energy at times.

Sunday: 11.1 — 2:11 — 2,600ft — trail — Chuckanuts with Candice. Felt Good. Wanted to run further.

Totals: 63.7 miles — 9:24 — 7,930 — mostly trail, one track workout with warm up and cool down on road and one run that was maybe half road/half trail.

Blah, Blah, Blah: I’d like my weekly mileage totals to be higher but at this point in my training I’d rather be a little conservative and not get hurt by doing too much too soon. I haven’t been training regularly since April so I need to be looking at the big picture and not get down on myself if I’m not running a ton right now– eyes on the prize! (HARDROCK) Considering I’ve had 4 solid weeks of running in the past 5 weeks I probably shouldn’t be complaining about anything– the only not so hot week was the week I directed the Deception Pass 50k/25k so that’s my excuse for that week. Oh and I’d like to be doing another run or two a week at faster speeds, my main focus (in addition to gradually and consistently building up my mileage to the 90-100 mile per week range)  for the next 2-3 months is speed.

Next week: I’m planning on doing a 13 mile tempo road run and a hill workout of very short all out sprints up the hill in front of our house to compensate for no track work out because of the XMAS break. I’d also like to get in a long trail run maybe in the 25ish mile range on runnable trails. Plus all the other regular recovery runs.

Next race?: Still trying to figure that out. I’m not signed up for a race until Diez Vista 50k in early April. I’ll probably do Chuckanut 50k in mid March. I’d like to do some short trail and road races between now and then. I’ll be in California and Hawaii a bunch in January and February so maybe I can find some races to do there. I hear they have a few races in those states 🙂

Oh and speaking of races. Did you see how fast our Gorge Waterfalls 50k sold out on Thursday? All 300 plus spots were snatched up in 75 minutes! Just a tad bit faster than the 8 hours it took last year. 🙂 Not bad for a 3 year old race!

Big news: Probably shouldn’t name names just yet but this week we’ve had some big companies approach us about sponsoring the 2013 races and I was interviewed for another magazine article. It feels so good to know so many folks believe in what we’re doing here in the Rainshadow!!!

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